Facilitated by Tong Yee and Shiao-Yin from The Thought Collective, this is an experiential learning to develop personal presence, build emotional agility and engage in more meaningful conversations.

We gain awareness how the barrier for us having results that we want to see in our professional and personal lives is often the kind of conversations we are having - and not having and that all changes, big or small, starts with a conversation.

In this context, a powerful conversation is defined as a conversation that leaves all parties feeling empowered rather than dis-empowered…When we feel heard and sense that our interests are being cared for, we become more open to helping each other achieve the outcomes that are meaningful to us.

This workshop helps participants make sense of their own narratives, grow new capacity to response and build new possibilities by exploring different kind of conversations with self and others. It also aims to bring new awareness on relationship of body, emotion and language based on ontological coaching and organisational development frameworks.

In a larger context, the facilitator aims to inspire participants using more empathetic approach to address complex problems we face as a society and playing part in building Singapore’s social and emotional capital.

Reference: The Thought Collective