My Personal Moral Compass is a one-year-long systematic course in moral issues. The objective of this course is for participants to understand and to articulate the fundamentals of Catholic moral thinking with greater clarity, which will help discover what best encourage human persons to thrive.

There are a total of 6 Modules each lasting 6 or 7 weeks. The modules and some key topics covered are:

  • Module 1. Who decides what is right or wrong?
    Introduction to ethics and morality - why moral actions are important? What determines that an action is right or wrong? What is the ultimate goal of morality?
  • Module 2. Becoming Persons
    What does it mean to have a life filled with meaning and fulfilment?
  • Module 3. Christian Morality
    Does ethics need religion? What is the contribution of religion and Christianity to ethics? What does it mean to believe in God?
  • Module 4. Ethics of Love, Sex and Marriage
    Does Christian faith make any difference in the marital relationship?
  • Module 5. Christians in the Social Community
    Human rights and the common good, solidarity, participation, subsidiarity, charity
  • Module 6. Stewards of Life
    The Dignity of the Human Person, Ethics in the Beginning and End of Life

Through above series of modules, participant gained a better understanding of the basis of how we come to make our decisions which gives us then, the freedom to navigate the unpredictable, unchartered roads of life’s journeys

Reference: Caritas Singapore