TBI Masterclass

Strategyzer’s Testing Business Ideas explains how systematically testing business ideas dramatically reduces the risk and increases the likelihood of success for any new venture or business project. It builds on the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas by integrating Assumptions Mapping and other powerful lean startup-style experiments.

In this virtual masterclass, we learn how to:

  • reduce the risk of costly failure through a systematic testing process
  • set foundation to make testing a repeatable process in the organization such as team design, stakeholder communication, experiment flow, and measuring progress
  • identify the right experiment for validating riskiest hypotheses from a library of 44 Desirability, Viability and Feasibility experiments
  • structure small bets and manage investments from discovery to validated business idea.
  • design experiments that produce the market feedback to learn whether the idea works or not.

Reference: Strategyzer Virtual Masterclass