Social Value Design Practitioner based in Singapore

Synthesize innovative ideas with pragmatic user experience, technology feasibility and business model viability toward larger societal impacts.

Bring agility, integrative thinking and collaborative mindset to intuit trends, latent needs, and anticipate future.

Proficient in design thinking, data visualisation and rapid prototyping.


As member of R&D organisations, we put relentless pursuit of innovation. Following are notable initiatives that demonstrate our contributions toward Business and Social Value Creation Principles.


NEC APAC Innovation Award for Project Ally
NEC APAC Innovation Award for Asian Transportation Society Best Paper & Presentation
NEC Corporation Certificate of Achievements Award on Creation of Advanced Centre for Experimentation (ACE)
NEC APAC Innovation Award for Ministry of Home Affairs Multi-Analytics Integrated System Project

Patent Submission

Inspirational workshops

These are list of courses and workshops that I found helpful for both professional and personal development.

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