Conceptualise Intelligent System for Advanced Control Centre

The Singapore Airshow is a one of the largest global aerospace event held in Singapore biennially. During this event, the company showcased our capabilities in Advanced C2 Systems called iSAAC


iSACC is a networked system that integrates all major information and control systems to help an Operations Centre function effectively. It can be best deployed for an Operations Centre that needs to manage mission—critical resources as well as crises such as Airport Operations Centre. In this environment, iSACC synchronises all stakeholders and integrates the numerous functional systems already deployed for security, airlines, ground handling and immigration.

With iSACC, airports can now have real-time access to a comprehensive picture of airline schedules and airport. The System will provide time-on-time comparison of key performance indicators, as well as asset management, video views, collaborative planning and decision making functions. The system incorporates an advanced decision support system that anticipates issues associated With airline delays or faults in any airport resource. It will recommend a solution based on each airports Standard Operating Procedure, thus empowering users to make informed decisions. iSACC will also enhance the airports’ ability to handle sudden capacity surges and crises eg. necessary shut-down Of a terminal due to security threats and the swift diversion Of travellers and airlines to other available terminals.

The system functions on the suite of GENiiE products developed by ST Electronics. These include secured Voice, Video and Visual software for real-time multimedia communication; large scale ‘live’ and playback video management system; digitally-shared map of the entire infrastructure with real-time movement and tracking of assets and personnel; collaborative and interactive information portal for monitoring and managing of assets and back-end simulation System that allows commanders to create scenarios to train operators in Control Centres.



Reference: ST Electronics Press Release