Introduce Peer-to-Peer funding using SingTel Direct Billing APIs

SingTel Accelerator Challenge 2014 aims to find the next big consumer lifestyle and internet of things apps for consumer using telco APIs such as communication (SMS/MMS and location awareness) and payment (direct carrier billing and credit card services) features.

This initiative is part of a larger group level collaboration between the SingTel Group and Samsung to increase smartphone penetration and the proliferation of mobile apps in their regional market. In total, the challenge received 40 submissions from 70 registered teams, 20 selected teams will refine their apps and pitches during “Clinic Day” and top 10 teams will join the “Pitch Day” on 20 October to present to a panel of SingTel judges.

The Brief

Launched on 25 August 2014, the SingTel Accelerator Challenge was an open invitation to startups and developers, who are building the next big app to partner with SingTel to take their apps to market in 2015. Participants are encouraged to leverage on SingTel’s new API platform – the Identity, Communication and Payments APIs.

We’re excited with the availability of SingTel Payment API in which apps could now process payment through mobile subscribers postpaid account to be paid in their monthly bill. This is a critical capability which potentially enable us to reach a broader audience called “the unbanked”.

In 2009, McKinsey research reveals that more than half the world’s adults do not use formal or semiformal financial services to save or borrow money and nearly 2.2 billion of these unserved adults live in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. This represent significant needs and opportunities for an innovative and affordable financial products and services that could help these people invest in economic opportunities, better manage their money, reduce risks, and plan for the future.

Idea: PeerPledge

Private fundraising on-the-go

We focused our solution to solve difficulties in personal fundraising which involve convincing people to invest on the cause as well as collecting, tracking and managing payment process. We proposed PeerPledge mobile app to simplify raising money for any situations. It provides a hassle free way to raise and pledge fund anytime, anywhere, within the privacy of your social connections, offering 3 key value propositions:

  • Instant

Using direct carrier billing service, user does not need to remember or reveal bank account or credit card number. Fund received would be transferred only to verified bank account associated with the user phone number – providing extra layer of security should the phone is lost or misused.

  • Personal

PeerPledge encourages users to pledge and seek monetary supports from user personal social network such as family and friends. As such, a pledge could be made in much simpler, meaningful and personal than “crowdfunding campaign”. It values privacy, thus keep information visible within authorized participants.

  • Peer-to-Peer Funding

PeerPledge fund collection, approval and disbursement process is aligned with pledge accomplishment to promote accountability and transparency. Fund raised will be realized only when promised task has been completed. It features both automated and manual approval by supporters of fund upon fulfilment of pledge.


We received valuable mentorship from SingTel API, Marketing and Business development team. Our team was shortlisted as part of 20 teams who were invited to Clinic Day and move on as top 10 finalist to present our idea to following group of judges:

  • Chan Yim Leng, Vice President, Consumer Products
  • Loo Boon Chee, Head - Internet of Things, Group Digital Life
  • Lim Yu Leong, Head, Next Gen Value Added Services
  • Edgar Hardless, CEO, SingTel Innov8
  • Donovan Kik, Director Post-paid Marketing, Consumer Marketing

Presentation Reel from UP Singapore.