Help foster stronger collaborations and communications for Social Organisations through interactive SMS based services

Social Innovators Hack! Is en event organised by Social Innovation Park (SIP), UP Singapore and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to address three main challenges for SEs in Singapore: Collaboration (Enable Social Innovators to pool and share ideas and resources), Commerce (Match SEs with corporate customers) and Communication (Connect Social Organisations with their volunteers and retain them).

The hackathon aims to spark ideas to build a robust social marketplace and accelerate the growth of the social sector.

Idea: GrabHelp for Volunteer

Many Social Organisations lack the ability and knowledge to effectively engage their volunteers and to retain them. This has an impact on the efficiency of the organisation, ultimately limiting the number of people it can help. We proposed GrabHelp for Social Organisations to provide self-help automation for their volunteers activities.

Highlight Reel from UP Singapore.