Help build better ties with our neighbours, enhance access to relevant information, and make our homes and living environment more sustainable.

The inaugural HDB Cool Ideas Hack challenged participants to create technology-enabled solutions which would foster neighbourly ties, share relevant information quickly and easily or make HDB living greener as a community.

A total of 206 participants from student, start-up and open categories took part in the three-day events at HDB Hub.

Idea: Cool Neighbots

HDB, which provides homes for over 80% of Singaporeans is pivotal in realising Singapore vision of Smart Nation. Stronger community bonds where we live add to a happier, healthier nation. The more connected we are both physically and emotionally, the more the opportunity for us to care for one another.

We proposed HDB Cool Neighbots as smart AI chatbot solution that help us automate connection with and care for our neighbours, share relevant information quickly and easily, and take care of the environment as a community.

Highlight Reel from UP Singapore.