‘Reinvent Online Travel Booking’ with Collaborative Chatbots

Destination Hack is Sabre’s first ever Asia Pacific hackathon to code new applications designed to enhance anything that will ‘Reinvent Travel’, the theme of the hack.

Sabre provide aspiring developers access into their API portfolio and software development kits via Sabre Dev Studio, Sabre’s open developer platform. Beside ‘Best New Technology Application’ category, Sabre has included ‘Best Use of Virtual Reality’, ‘Chat Bot Challenge’ and new widget for Sabre Red Workspace. Over 200 participants from Singapore and the Asia Pacific region registered for the event held at The Hub, Singapore’s largest co-working community of techies, entrepreneurs and creatives.

Idea: Cross-channels OTA

Inspired by typical Web-based Overseas Travel Application process, I proposed collaborative chatbot based solution to automate hotel and flight search, application and coordinate manual approval process and could work across different input channels.