Create programmes and tools that help people prevent the risk of Type 2 Diabetes through early screening and increased physical activity.

The War on Diabetes Designathon organised by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), invites designers, healthcare professionals, developers, communication experts and community to design tools and programmes which will help people prevent and manage Type 2 Diabetes.

Participants are coached by expert mentors and expected to verify proposed solutions in the real world. The event culminated at Pitch Day where 21 teams presented their solutions to a panel of senior healthcare industry leaders attended by Mr Chee Hong Tat, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Health & Ministry of Communication and Information, and Mr Amrin Amin, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of Health.


Research shows you’re more likely to have a creative epiphany when you’re doing something monotonous, like fishing, exercising, or showering.This kind of daydreaming relaxes the prefrontal cortex—the brain’s command center for decisions, goals, and behavior. It also switches on the rest of your brain’s “default mode network” (DMN) clearing the pathways that connect different regions of your noggin. With your cortex loosened up and your DMN switched on, you can make new, creative connections that your conscious mind would have dismissed.

Idea: DING effect

The problem we want to solve is to attract people and sustain their involvement in Pre-Diabetic Intervention program. Our idea to create “DING EFFECT” which is based on Pavlovian Associative learning, Positive Reinforcement and Cognitive Shift psychology to engage your subconscious.

Pitch Preview and Highlight Reel from UP Singapore.