Track event delegates for efficient coordination and hospitality

Singapore Tourism Board (STB) partnered SACEOS to launch the Tourism Innovation Challenge for MICE, as a means to crowd-source amongst the technology community for new and innovative solutions to foster technology adoption, address problems and enable the MICE industry to stay ahead of the competition.

There are 7 challenges organised into 3 categories:

Designing engaging, world-class events

  1. How might we surface and track trends, so that industry can curate more sought-after and forward-thinking content more effectively?
  2. How might we enable better matching of MICE industry opportunities to skilled freelancers?

Managing and using customer data more effectively

  1. How might we better understand delegates’ profiles and needs to customise communications with them, which in turn helps retain their interest for future events?
  2. How might we better understand delegates’ expectations and needs to provide personalised recommendations, so they get the most of the event experience?

Tracking people movement and event waste

  1. How might we pinpoint the location of VIPs or special guests, so that it is more efficient and less manpower intensive to manage them at the event?
  2. How might we track or pinpoint the location of vehicles ferrying delegates, so that the event planners can be more responsive to delays and adjust the programme on-the-fly?
  3. How might we enable different stakeholders in the event value chain to measure and account for waste generated at each event, so they can develop an appropriate plan to reduce waste?

Challenge 3 : Tracking people movement - Pinpoint the location of VIPs or special guests

Challenge Description
Large events take up multiple floors and have complex layouts that make wayfinding challenging. Event organisers attach dedicated staffers to special or important attendees (e.g. the speakers, VIPs, and other special guests) to keep tabs on their locations around the venue so that they do not miss key engagements. Event Organiser currently need to assign “Liaison Officers” or “Drivers” for updates which is a hassle, manpower intensive and may not be practical.

NEC Laboratories Singapore submitted our innovation ideas using our R&D Video and Data Analytics technologies to address above challenge and was one of 28 companies shortlisted to the Industry Matchmaking Day.

STB Tourism Innovation Challenge
STB Tourism Innovation Challenge
STB Tourism Innovation Challenge